Today’s blog is dedicated to the beautiful business woman out there who’ve done some great money work so far, and yet they’re still falling short in their money goals every month.


You’ve been busting out the affirmations in your journal, and you’ve been spending time clearing out those yucky old money memories.


You’ve been taking action by tracking your income and putting offers out into the world and actually completing your sales activities.


BUT….you’re still frustrated because you’re not reaching your money goals every month and your bottom line isn’t growing!


Well, chances are you’ve still got some money blocks.


You see, so many people have such strong, deeply embedded beliefs about money. Stuff that sticks like thick molasses.


Now we all know the usual “money doesn’t grow on trees” type beliefs that so many people grew up hearing, but there are some really deep sneaky beliefs that’s really affecting women’s ability to create a thriving and profitable business.


Have these thoughts ever popped into your mind?


“I need to work really really hard to make money”

“Making good money means too many sacrifices” 

“I can’t make money, run a successful business & still be a great mother & wife”

“I don’t know if I’m good enough or know enough to charge for my services”

“I’m not really in it for the money”


Listen, issues with money are one thing when you have a job. Because you get rescues each pay day by your boss with more money.


But it’s a whole other ballgame when you run your own business


These blocks cannot be ignored. These limiting beliefs, the poor self image and the constant negative emotions around money is hurting you and your business and it’s time to deal with it.

Even if you’ve been doing your affirmations & tracking your money, you could still have money blocks you aren’t even aware of and that’s exactly what’s stopping you making the kind of money you desire.


If you’re working harder than you’ve ever worked…..


If you’ve implemented strategies, systems and funnels into your business…..


If you’re part of Facebook Groups, always adding value and supporting others all day long….


And if you’ve taken more courses than you care to admit trying to find that missing link, and you’re STILL not making enough money….


Then I’m here to tell you that you’re blocking, maybe even repelling money and you may not even know it.


It’s time to uncover the beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving what you deserve to achieve


Let me help you identify your money blocks so we can really work through them once and for all, including the ones lurking under the surface.

I’ve created a downloadable FREE guide for you called Money Blocks! Are They Sabotaging Your Business?


That’s right….Underneath those classic limiting beliefs are the real reason as to why and how you’re blocking money.


Things like

  • Are you making it harder than necessary?
  • Are you feeling guilty about abundance?
  • Are you putting restrictions around money?
  • Are you hiding in the corner?
  • Are you not doing the right work?


Click HERE to get instant access to the list and finally undercover what you’re doing that’s blocking your business success and start creating abundance today.


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