If your business is great at quick cash injections when you really need it, but is stagnate when it comes to overall growth and stability, chances are it’s not your marketing, or your services that need a shake up.

Chances are you aren’t acting like a CEO.

Let me explain.

Most business owners I know are Kings and Queens at making enough money to put food on the table, pay the mortgage, and even buy themselves a new pair of winter boots. But that’s kind of about it, and in order to make enough money to buy said things, they’re working like an underpaid intern.

They know deep inside the way they’re currently operating their business is not what successful, sustainable businesses that last the distance are made of. I see them on the verge of stepping up, into the next level of growth in their business, yet they just can’t seem to make the switch from intern to CEO, and they shrink back down to their tried and true ways they’ve always done business.

The business intern way is to always be scrambling for the paycheque, haphazardly.

Of course, I’ve got to give it to these business interns because they always get the paycheque. The major problem with this ‘intern model’ is that no business can really thrive until the business owner steps into the role of the CEO, and starts running a business like a professional, instead of an intern.

So, are you acting like an intern instead of a CEO? Here’s three signs you are:

  • You’re spending large chunks of your day journaling about your perfect ideal day, attempting to manifest your money goals. You’re hiding between the pages of your journal instead of creating a solid sales strategy to ensure your services are being sold consistently.
  • You’re comparing yourself to other business owners, looking at what other people are doing, instead of keeping your eyes laser focussed on your business path, and believing in your business, and the services you offer.
  • You’re reacting to your current bank account by creating 50 different services and offerings and launching them one after the other, instead of picking a lane and focussing on a skill set you have that people actually need.

Just because you’ve identified yourself as an intern doesn’t mean your business can’t thrive.

Here’s three tips to overcoming your inner intern, and to start acting like the CEO of your business:

1. Focus + Vision.

A CEO is always focussed on their business. They have a strong vision of where they’re going. They don’t look left and right. They only look ahead.

Are your eyes darting around or do you have eyes only for your business?

I know that even CEO’s are human, and from time to time you’re going take a sneaky peak sideways at what others are doing. Let’s face it, that green eyed monster does try and rear it’s ugly head on the odd occasion. The trick here, as a CEO, is to notice the monster quickly, not to indulge with it for too long, and send it back to it’s cave.

You’ve got work to do focussing turning your own business vision into your reality.

2. Outsourcing.

A CEO doesn’t spend her time on the tasks a VA would. That’s a waste of precious time and brainpower required to run a business. If you want to spend your time doing tasks a VA is capable of, you’ll end up paying yourself a VA wage. Hardly what business owner dreams are made of.

A CEO manages a team and acts like the women who runs a solid state of the art business ship.

So stop doing everything and get some help.

The only way to unlock the time, energy and headspace to step into a CEO role is to outsource now, and not wait until you magically somehow have time, energy and headspace to hire someone. It won’t happen.

Start small. A couple of hours a week with a VA will unlock your potential to step into becoming a CEO.

3. Bridge the Gap.

A CEO recognises that she runs a business within the confines of an economy and marketplace. She knows the market inside out, so she can bend the rules and make a real impact through her business.

She understands her skill set, and continually asks herself what she can do to bridge the gap between what she does, what she offers, and what people need and want.

Armed with this knowledge, she’ll craft her offerings and her copy to make sure she’s attracting the right clients to her, rather than chasing down or harassing the wrong people.

If you’re really serious about turning your paycheque to paycheque intern business model around, and ready to step up into the CEO of your profitable, sustainable business, come on over and check out my financial coaching starter packages HERE


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