When you are first starting out in business, there is more information out there than you know what do with.

So many people selling coaching & courses to teach you how to run and grow your business.

It’s hard to know where to start or who to trust.

That’s why I invited by good friend and heart centred biz coach Tash Corbin to talk about Start Up For Success.

We both believe that proper information available for start-ups is sadly lacking or is often misrepresented and we wanted to have a real, honest discussion about what we’ve learned and experienced along our own business journey.

We covered topics like:

  • Important things to keep in mind at the very beginning. 
  • What you should & shouldn’t be spending your money on at the start.
  • The top 3 things that you should invest in even from the beginning.
  • 3 things that we’ve seen women invest in too early that’s simply not needed
  • How to create more consistency with your income
  • Realistic money goals vs big bold goals

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