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Sylvia transforms the money conversation

Sylvia is a Keynote Speaker known for her ability to make finance accessible and easy to understand.

She brings enthusiasm to the stage along with over 25 years of financial expertise.

Her true passion is empowering women in business to gain financial knowledge, to increase their profitability and sort through their money mindset.

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5 Steps to Move Your Business from Confusion to Clarity

Money makes people feel so many different emotions, often negative ones, so people will do just about anything to avoid dealing with it. And although women love to talk about all sorts of different subjects, money isn’t one of them. This needs to change!

And because women’s fears, worries, insecurities and shame about money often come bubbling to the surface when they go into business, it’s critical to work through these issues so that they can make smart business decisions and create profitable businesses.

In this keynote, Sylvia will share:

  • The 5 main areas that contribute to money stress in business
  • The 5 key steps to moving towards financial ease
  • The one core area of business finances that most people don’t think about
  • How to create small ‘plates’ and what that can mean for you and your business

If your audience is wondering how to navigate their way through the minefield of business finances, this keynote will answer their burning questions and give them some clarity and some tangible strategies.


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From Denial To Freedom

There are far too many women in business who are choosing to stay in denial about their financial situation and are just keeping their head firmly buried in the sand. They have no understanding of what is actually happening when it comes to their money or how to go about fixing the situation.

In this keynote, Sylvia shares:

  • The reality of not managing your finances
  • The one key thing that many women aren’t doing that is causing havoc in their personal lives
  • The unfortunate realities of watching your business dream disappear and what you can do to prevent it
  • What the biggest money challenge really is

If your audience has ostrich syndrome and they’re trying to avoid looking at the business numbers, this is keynote will have them shaking the sand out of their hair and feeling empowered.

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Creating Financial Flow To Allow Business Success

Creating financial flow in your business doesn’t have to hard. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. But it requires you to pay attention, get real and to learn some fundamentals that every business owner needs to know.

In this keynote, Sylvia will share:

  • Show you the 3-stage process to creating more financial freedom in your business
  • Discuss the most crucial stage that many traditional accounting practices leave out
  • Talk about what will happen if you don’t make these changes.
  • Describe some tips and techniques that can be implemented to create change quickly and effectively.
  • Discuss simple strategies that can be tailored to suit a novice or a more established business owner.

If your audience is looking for an easy-to-understand system that shows female business owners how they can gain confidence, flow and empowerment with their finances in a no-nonsense, no-jargon way, then this keynote will do just that.

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“Sylvia delivered a keynote presentation and a Q & A style workshop at the 2015 Artful Business Conference and as the event organiser I was extremely impressed with her manner, presentation skills and professionalism. As a small business owner myself, her topics were so valuable, on point and full of practical information that I could implement straight away in my business. I have already asked Sylvia back to speak again in 2016 and would recommend her to anyone looking for speakers with valuable content, friendly and approachable manner as well as a high standard of delivery. It was noted in many feedback forms that our attendees felt the same about Sylvia and her presentation – and if the creative crowd at Artful can get inspired and excited about managing their money and finance Sylvia must be doing something pretty special.”

Elle Roberts

Artful Business Conference