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“I decided to work with Sylvia as I wanted to up-level and really get my mindset sorted to charge appropriately and grow my business. Sylvia utilised practical, easy to implement tools and provided amazing support.

I tripled my income within 8 weeks of commencing the work. Thank you!!”

Laura Elkaslassy

Adroit Business Colutions

“Sylvia is a money mindset extraordinaire. She has a unique gift for cutting through unhealthy beliefs and guiding you to replace them with more sustainable and empowering beliefs. Sylvia took me from a place of stress and struggle to an empowered, confident and excited state where my business is thriving. My business revenue has grown substantially since working with Sylvia, without having to burn myself out or sacrifice my personal time.”

Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Every Chance To Learn

“I was overwhelmed and freaked out about getting my finances sorted. During our time together I felt instant relief. It wasn’t just about managing money. I believe that our work helped me to make MORE money. Now I feel amazingly calm, clear and under control.”

Tash Corbin

Tash Corbin

Sylvia has a very practical approach to help you create an abundance mindset, helping you implement simple gradual upgrades in your life without feeling overwhelmed. She is caring, and she will hold your hand all the way so you will feel supported during the process of changing your mindset and implement new systems, like Profit First. She will make sure you overcome any limiting beliefs you may have, so that what you learn with her will stick with you after you finish the coaching.”

Denise Da Costa

Denise Da Costa Coaching

“Choosing to work with a financial coach was one of the best things I could have done for my self-esteem and my business. EVER! A moment of clarity was just how much this fog around money rippled out into so many other areas of ones self-worth: relationships, friendships, professionally…everything. It has indeed been a game changer to work with Sylvia. She has been an amazing tour guide through this process. (aka Rock Star!) She is kind, encouraging and offers genuinely unwavering, non-judgmental support every step of the way.”

Caitley Symons

Caitley Symons Textiles & Designs

“You helped me to become aware of my actions when it came to money. You helped me to become comfortable dealing with my bills and planning ahead as needed. To actually be able to have a conversation about money and not get too anxious – this is probably what I have noticed the most. I’m really aware of money now and that was what I wanted to gain from my experience with you.”

Ashlee Cummins

Ashlee Marian

“I knew I needed to work with Sylvia the moment I connected with her. Her experience and knowledge is second to none. But I thrived in our coaching work together because of her genuine care and commitment to me and my journey to becoming confident with how to manage my money. Sylvia has a clear and concise manner, a strength that is matched only by her compassion. I felt so nurtured but also empowered. I have never had this kind of awareness and empowerment about money before. I feel so ready to succeed.”

Ricci-Jane Adams

Lightworker Institute

“Sylvia delivered a keynote presentation and a Q&A style workshop at the 2015 Artful Business Conference and as the event organiser I was extremely impressed with her manner, presentation skills and professionalism. As a small business owner myself, her topics were so valuable, on point and full of practical information that I could implement straight away in my business. I have already asked Sylvia back to speak again in 2016 and would recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker with valuable content, friendly and approachable manner as well as a high standard of delivery.”

Elle Roberts

The Artful Business Conference

“Sylvia is like my own personal knight in shining armour! Before her I was feeling completely overwhelmed with my business accounting, and I was really wanting to hire someone to help me, but every bookkeeper I looked into just made me feel more intimidated about my business finances or I felt like they just didn’t get me at all. In my very first contact with Sylvia I felt immediately like she was the one! She gets me! And I feel like she has rescued me from so much stress and overwhelm not to mention saving me so much time. I feel more organised with my business accounting, and more confident as well…like having Sylvia on my team will help my business reach new success. Seriously, I am so freaking grateful I found her.”

Karen Gunton

Karen Gunton

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