Money Made Beautiful

Learn how to take control of your money and change your money mindset!

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My brand new book, MONEY MADE BEAUTIFUL, covers the many different aspects of money. From mindset to systems and everything in between!


The business landscape is changing.

Every year, more and more women are setting up their own business. While the idea of being self-employed seems like a fabulous and exciting one, the reality for most women in business is quite different.

Often, it looks like long hours, uncertainty, overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration. It’s never as easy as it’s portrayed.

And the biggest cause of stress is usually the money!

Money plays havoc with your mind and your emotions. But if you want to be in business and have a chance at financial success, it’s time to get real.

In this book, you will learn how to:


Take control of your money


Shift the money mindset and limiting beliefs that are holding you back


Find meaning and purpose for your money


Make a profit no matter where you are in your business

Apply the easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement principles outlined in Money Made Beautiful and you will:

Take control of your finances

Become financially independent, and

Be financially successful both in business and in life.

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