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By Guest Author Ellie Isacs

Does the combination of the word” energy” and “money” freak you out? It used to make my head spin.

I mean, money is money, right?

We earn money, we spend money and yet it seems many people struggle with the whole concept of money. Security, families, children…….lack of freedom.

Everything in our world is made up of energy. People, nature, everything that surrounds us….even money.

I am sure you have heard before “Like attracts like” or “Think positive thoughts”. But I’d like to turn your attention towards your relationship with money.

Our lives are organised in a way that money drives our behaviours and we create and use money daily. We think about money and how to earn more or how to save.

But in many cases I see so many people creating a bad relationship with money. Often money is seen as bad, evil, hurting us, and essentially making us feel small, undeserving and not good enough.

Our society brings us up and teaches us that money is earned often with very hard work and is “assigned” to the lucky ones.

And so we grow up mostly worrying about money and eventually hating money. We start using money as means of self-satisfaction, which unfortunately only brings our feeling of self-worth down.

So I would like to invite you to try something out. Create a new relationship with money or rather do a complete makeover of your relationship with money.

Once you start approaching money with a different outlook, feeling and behavior – money will respond automatically. Let’s explore

Our belief system or the hamster wheel in our head

Limiting beliefs are nothing more and nothing less than a thought or perception, repeated long enough that it has become second nature. Good news is….it can be replaced by something different. When we are born we come with love and we are love. We are pure energy coming to explore the world of contrast and experience life for all it has to offer. Naturally, while growing up we are building our belief system but the foundations that we carry are always laid by our families, society, teachers, peers, media etc. So I ask you to explore the statements you make about money – “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Riches are reserved for the riches”, “Who do you think you are to be think this could be you”, “You have to work very hard to earn decent money”, “Money is evil”,” Money corrupts people” and so on. Check in with yourself and see what are the common statements you have for when it comes to money. Write them down and keep them handy

Who is really in your head

After you have the statements, I invite you to check “who’s” statements are those – mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, TV, teacher – who has spoken those words in your life long enough that you have made it be the ultimate truth?

The truth and dare

At this point, you would have been able to recognise how you are thinking about money and how you are treating money. Here comes the challenge – can you find a way to be nicer towards money and find a better feeling about money. Remember when we build or transform relationships, we honour the truth of the other and we aim to create an understanding, find common grounds and respect each other. How can you be more respectful towards money? Do you overspend, do you literally throw money out the door? Do you honour yourself and charge for your services an amount, which shows respect to yourself and money? Shift all this into gratitude – find reasons to be grateful about money daily and focus on good feeling thoughts. Start being mindful around money – care for the money you have, allow yourself to love money a little bit more each day and show that you are willing to honour and respect your relationship with money.

Without sounding too woo-woo, I can tell you that once you start shifting your beliefs and relationship with money, you will see things happen in your life which support your new vision. The energy which you will be sending out will attract possibilities, opportunities, income ideas or people, which will in turn allow for money to show up in your life.

Last but not least – if the word money makes your hair stand up – change the name. Do not talk about money – how about popsicles?

Give yourself permission to improve your relationship with money and you will feel more free, more confident and sooner rather than later much more prosperous than ever.


Ellie IsacsEllie Isacs is a Transformation Brand Coach and Intuitive Copywriter, specializing in working with entrepreneurs looking to showcase their authentic selves and build brands, which stand out from the crowd. With her own transformation journey and knowledge, she empowers her clients to discover who they truly are, develop a successful mindset and gain the visibility they deserve to have a thriving and outstanding business. Ellie has very strong intuition and guidance, which allows her to combine strategic thinking together with softer skills to get her clients to the next level in their lives and business – www.videsign.com



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