Your Virtual CFO

Making 6 figures shouldn’t leave you running in circles.

Get off the hamster wheel & make your money work for you.


You know your business is making money because the Profit + Loss Statement your bookkeeper emailed you said so. Your business looks good on paper, but when it comes to your bank account you’re constantly asking the question “where’s my money?”

Cash flow is missing and being the CEO means you’ve got exactly zero time to look for the answer.

Business is solid, but your latest expensive marketing promotion didn’t pay off and the thought of your next business investment fills you with butterflies. And not the good kind. The anxiety kind.

Still, there’s no denying the fact that the backbone of business is financial and at the end of the day having a solid grasp on the numbers is a must.

Turning a blind eye to money management is a deal breaker to leading a successful 6-figure business.

That’s what I’m here for.

Business Success is Measured in Dollars + Cents

We’re here to inject confidence + trust in the numbers behind the financial picture. Making moves towards controlled growth is about to be your new normal.

Reaching the 6-figure mark was supposed to mean you arrived at the business promised land.

Instead, the debits, credits, and decisions surrounding 6-figure numbers leave you stressed and stuck in hustle mode because there’s never enough to go around.

Creating personal freedom while leading a business means managing money beyond bookkeeping and accounting.

The good news is, we’re obsessed with solving 6-figure frustrations and can solve yours too.

 Ramp Up Revenue By Ditching The One Woman Show Woes:

Together, we can make big investments feel natural and release cash flow woes that’ll keeping business growth stunted.

Data-driven and led by intuition, implementing strategy and staying focused on your financial success is the key to continuing to create a solid foundation.

Financial success hinges on strategic money moves. Together we’ll navigate the deep waters of business, make smart investments that pay off big, and leave that Hamster wheel feeling far behind.


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“You helped me to become aware of my actions when it came to money. You helped me to become comfortable dealing with my bills and planning ahead as needed. To actually be able to have a conversation about money and not get too anxious – this is probably what I have noticed the most.

You also helped me to understand that I am a really good ‘manifestor’ and I need to work out why when it comes to money I block it from entering my life (how I would like). So making the shift from the how’s to focusing on what I want and then trusting that it will work out as needed. I’m really aware of money now and that was what I wanted to gain from my experience with you.”

Ashlee Marian

There are so many areas in business financials that need attention and clarity in order to move forward in an empowered way. It can often be something simple that can lead to great change and great results.

  • We will start by exploring your relationship with money. How you feel about it, how you save, how you spend. This will give us a roadmap to your habits, patterns and any potential blocks when it comes to money.
  • We will explore what thoughts and feelings about money you are bringing into your business.
  • We will explore any breakdowns in financial systems that need to be addressed.
  • We will look at the best way to collect money and the simplest way to get your invoices paid.
  • We will look at restructuring your packages and prices so that they are aligned with your core financial desires.
  • Our strategy session will also allow for discussions in any area of business where you might be stuck and need clarification.

Are you ready?

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“Choosing to work with a financial coach was one of the best things I could have done for my self-esteem and my business. EVER! A moment of clarity was just how much this fog around money rippled out into so many other areas of ones self-worth: relationships, friendships, professionally…everything. It has indeed been a game changer to work with Sylvia. She has been an amazing tour guide through this process. (aka Rock Star!) She is kind, encouraging and offers genuinely unwavering, non-judgmental support every step of the way.”

Caitly Symons