Financial Coaching Starter Package

Gain control of your money and feel a sense of ease and calm

What if you could easily take charge of your finances, change your money mindset and feel excited about money?


You work to earn money so you enjoy life, not to see your money disappear before your eyes. Living from payday to payday is no fun.

If you’re frustrated because you never seem to have enough money despite how hard you work, it’s time you made some changes.

Yes, it really is possible for you to learn how to manage your money and enjoy it, all in just 4 hours.

“You helped me to become aware of my actions when it came to money. You helped me to become comfortable dealing with my bills and planning ahead as needed. To actually be able to have a conversation about money and not get too anxious – this is probably what I have noticed the most.

You also helped me to understand that I am a really good ‘manifestor’ and I need to work out why when it comes to money I block it from entering my life (how I would like). So making the shift from the how’s to focusing on what I want and then trusting that it will work out as needed. I’m really aware of money now and that was what I wanted to gain from my experience with you.”

Ashlee Marian

There are many women out there who are just like you; strong, intelligent and enthusiastic about the business they are running. They’re in total control of their lives except for one key area – money – and for some reason, they just can’t get a grip on it.

So while you’re business looks great from the outside and you know you’re successful, you have nothing in the bank to show for it.

I’ve worked with dozens of inspiring female entrepreneurs and you might be surprised to know that this is what I hear them saying:

  • I don’t like doing the books
  • I pay someone else to worry about my money
  • I’m not in business for the money
  • Money just confuses me
  • Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I worry about money
  • I can pay my bills so I’m not worried yet
  • I just don’t know where all my money goes
  • It would be great to take a break but I’m not sure that I can spare the money
  • I’m working so hard but I just don’t seem to be any better off.

You can probably relate to some of those comments.

I know that when you started your business, you were probably focusing only on your goals and your plans, and how to make it all happen.

Money was probably the last thing on your mind, but if you don’t focus on it, you’re never going to be able to control it.



What’s included?

When you sign up for the 4 Week Financial Coaching Package we will help you with the following:



Address your money blocks

  • uncover the blocks
  • determine your money patterns
  • develop a prosperity mindset


Tackle the issues

  • tax requirements
  • accounting software – GST & BAS
  • nuts & bolts of your cash flow


Set goals

  • Discover your money purpose
  • Analyse your pricing
  • Price for profitability

There are so many areas in business financials that need attention and clarity in order to move forward in an empowered way. It can often be something simple that can lead to great change and great results.

  • We will start by exploring your relationship with money. How you feel about it, how you save, how you spend. This will give us a roadmap to your habits, patterns and any potential blocks when it comes to money.
  • We will explore what thoughts and feelings about money you are bringing into your business.
  • We will explore any breakdowns in financial systems that need to be addressed.
  • We will look at the best way to collect money and the simplest way to get your invoices paid.
  • We will look at restructuring your packages and prices so that they are aligned with your core financial desires.
  • Our strategy session will also allow for discussions in any area of business where you might be stuck and need clarification.

Together we can tackle those financial hassles that may be keeping you up at night.

  • The tax requirements that you might be confused about
  • Queries like accounting software, GST and BAS
  • Difficulties in pricing your products or services
  • Undercharging for your services
  • Not being paid what you should be paid
  • How to break free from the money blocks that stop you thinking clearly about your finances.

So why is it so important to deal with these issues (other than to get a good night’s sleep)?

Well firstly, it’s vital that you meet all your legal requirements if you want to stay in business. That’s obvious.

Let’s look at the less obvious ones.

Starting a business can bring up a range of money problems, often stemming from money blocks which you didn’t even know you had. Your subconscious attitude to money is what drives your financial choices. Wouldn’t it be good to know what’s going on in your mind so you don’t sabotage your own success?

Money issues need to be dealt with in order to get to where you want to go financially in your business. If your logical brain is saying, yes to success, but your subconscious is terrified of money due to stories that you’re carrying around with you, then you may be fighting a losing battle for abundance.

When you are ready to:

  • Stop panicking that there’s a bill in the mail
  • Be paid a fair price for your work
  • Take charge of your money
  • Rip open your bank statements with excitement
  • Be excited by your fast growing bank account
  • Have spare money at the end of each pay period
  • Buy what you want to buy without feeling guilty

You’re ready to work 1: 1 with me.

Your investment for the 4 hour Financial Clarity Intensive Strategy Session is a one-off payment of only $1,200 (inc GST)

Are you ready?

All this freedom is yours for a one-off payment of $1,800

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“Choosing to work with a financial coach was one of the best things I could have done for my self-esteem and my business. EVER! A moment of clarity was just how much this fog around money rippled out into so many other areas of ones self-worth: relationships, friendships, professionally…everything. It has indeed been a game changer to work with Sylvia. She has been an amazing tour guide through this process. (aka Rock Star!) She is kind, encouraging and offers genuinely unwavering, non-judgmental support every step of the way.” Caitly Symons