There are so many entrepreneurs who are starting to create online courses or wanting to create online programs for a variety of different reasons. Leverage, more money, serving more people to name a few.

But many don’t know how to create a course or they don’t know where to start. Many don’t know the different between a good course that creates raving fans and ones that have students dropping like flies.

That’s why I invited Course Creation Specialist Trudi Pavlovsky to talk about how to go about creating a successful online courses.

We covered topics like:

  • What you need to have in place before starting to think about putting together a course
  • What the main differences are between a good course and a not so good course
  • What the difference is between really helping someone learn something that can change their life as opposed to just giving them lots of information
  • What the components are that are often missing in a good course
  • Why some courses are too overloaded with content and why that’s a problem
  • How to keep people engaged until the end!

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