About Me

I’m Sylvia Chierchia and I’m a Money Mentor. I help amazing entrepreneurs make more money & have freedom in life.

You’re a successful entrepreneur in the thick of building your own business. You’re loving the freedom of being your own boss! You know exactly where you want your business to go and how to get there. But you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your finances and despite how hard you work, how many clients they serve or how many successful launches they have, the bank account ends up empty each month.

You’re stressed watching your money constantly evaporating and you’re unsure if they’re managing it properly.

Maybe you’re even a little embarrassed because you’re not really sure where your finances stand. It’s hard to admit you don’t know what you should be doing to take care of your money.

It’s OK….

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Sylvia Chierchia.

I help women in business get their finances sorted so that they can create a profitable business, make an massive impact in the world doing what they love and have something to show for their hard work!

My clients are passionate about what they do but feel financial frustration because the money side of their business is more complicated than they had imagined. They would love to just wave a magic wand and have the finances taken care of.

I work with smart, motivated business owners who love knowing exactly where their finances stand and knowing that they have an experienced Financial Coach guiding them. Together, we make sure their business has a solid financial foundation, so they can keep creating and working towards their big vision.

My Journey

I have worked in the financial industry for the last 30 years.

For 12 of those years, I was the Group Financial Controller of a recruitment firm. I was an integral member of the management team and thought my job was totally safe and secure. So imagine my shock when out of the blue, I was made redundant. I had always assumed, if the company needed to make cuts, I would be safe. The last to go. But instead I was one of the first.

Angry, resentful and completely shell-shocked, I decided then and there that something like this would never happen to me again. I decided it was time to call the shots in my life and take my destiny into my own hands. It was time to work for myself, so I ventured into business once more.

With those solid years of financial experience behind me, in 2013, I decided that I would start a bookkeeping business to help women entrepreneurs get over one of their biggest headaches – finances.

I met some gutsy and gorgeous women along the way. Women who were just like me when I first started. Smart, ambitious, desperate to make it work. But also overwhelmed, stressed out about everything they had to get done, learn and implement, trying to build their business and having no idea how to do it. And all the while navigating their way through the minefield of business finance.

But it quickly became apparent to me that just taking care of someone’s bookkeeping, while helpful, was not helping them where it mattered most – with their money mindset. The root cause of all the headaches, which looked like money management problems on the surface, ran so much deeper.

As my business went on, the need for financial coaching grew and grew. Until it became my full-time obsession! The coaching and training side of my business expanded so rapidly, so I sold the bookkeeping arm of my business to concentrate on this important work. It’s where my passion and purpose collide. Where I make a difference in the world.

Because great money management combined with a strong money mindset can change lives.

My Mission

Today, I get to help amazing women concentrate on their passion and purpose because the money side of their business is taken care of. I love supporting my clients as they learn the ins and outs or money, finding ways to increase profit while decreasing any stress associated with their business’s finances & their mindset around their finances.

My passion is to help my clients ditch the money fears and truly step into their role as CEO of their growing business.

But getting there takes an abundant mindset, strong self belief as well as support and structure from a money pro.

The key to financial growth is a profitable business plan, implementing financial strategies, forecasting growth and mapping out the entire financial picture.

Uncontrollable business growth makes business feel (and look) chaotic. Instead, we devise a strategy to sort out cash flow woes and get your business back on a controlled growth plan.

Our mission is to ensure your business thrives, and create actual financial freedom.

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