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When you start a business, there are so many aspects that need your attention. There is marketing, advertising, social media, promotions, positioning…..it goes on and on.

But the most important thing, the one thing that will either make or break your business is money.

Yet money often gets ignored. It gets left out of the conversation. It get’s left out of the decision-making.

And then when things go wrong, money get’s blamed.

There’s not enough

I need more

Where did it go

Why is it so hard to make?

Poor money gets blamed for all the choices that you are making.

But it’s not money’s fault. It’s yours. It’s time to see that your financial position is a result of your actions. Your choices. Your decisions.

It’s not easy facing the truth. Looking at your money situation in total honesty might be really tough. Facing the truth may not be a walk in the park.

But in order to change, in order to change anything in our lives, we need to take total responsibility for it. We need to step up. We can’t hide any longer. The blinkers have to come off.

Managing your money and handling your money is part of business. We all know that.

But we don’t always act like it.

So we put it off. We say we’ll get to it. We’ll sort it out soon.

But money is not something to put on your to-do list. Money is not something you’ll get to when you have a minute. It’s a must do.

Because without putting money and money management as one of the top, non-negotiable priorities in your business, you are operating on a wing and a prayer.

You are operating blindly, hoping it will all somehow be ok.

But you can’t wish it better. You can’t pray it better.

But you can make a decision to do things better starting today!

It’s time to get your big girls pants on! And pull then all the way up to your chin if that’s what it takes!

And it starts with a decision.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It just needs to be consistent. It requires that you make different choices and do things you’ve never done before.

So I want to share 3 critical things that will help your feel empowered and making the money you want to make. 3 ways of BEING that will put you in the position to create the abundance you want to create.



What you focus on grows and you attract what you focus on. So it stands to reason that when it comes to money, we need to look at what is going on between the ears first. That’s why it’s so vital to become aware of what you’re focusing on – abundance or lack. And it’s equally important to become aware of what you’re saying to yourself. All of this will affect your money situation and your financial outcome.

There are so many ways to deal with and change your money mindset. I work on having an abundance mindset every day. It’s not a set and forget. It’s a daily practice. So now, when the old lizard brain tries to get the better of me, I’m much more aware and I’m able to not let myself slide down the rabbit hole into a mindset of lack.

Some things you can do to keep your mindset strong and positive is perhaps to try journaling, gratitude, tapping, kinesiology, reiki….the list goes on. Find the modality that resonates with you and do the work. Every day.


It’s easy to look at successful people in life, online and offline and assume that they have something special. That they have a special advantage, they have special circumstances or they have special privileges that others don’t.

While those things certain may help people get started, that’s not what keeps them going long term. Because everyone has bumps in the road, everyone has challenges, setbacks and failures but the ones who last in business, the ones who rise to the top and build financial success despite everything that is thrown at them are the persistent ones.

Being persistent and relentless in your pursuits is what will set you apart. Persistent people have a strong vision of where they are going and they will have specific goals that motivate and drive them. They know what they want and they aren’t easily swayed.

So if a successful business or more money or leadership is your goal, don’t give up. Instead, make sure you show up, do what’s required of you, be focussed and always be consistent with your message and your services. And always measure and track your progress so you can make sure you’re always moving forward.


Sales is a scary word for a lot of people. Asking clients and customers for money is terrifying for most people.

So they don’t. They just don’t ask.

Instead, they might build a website and hope that this will do the selling for them, or they put a super duper sales funnel in place so clients can go through a process of buying their stuff without them having to be involved.

Others go on a more spiritual path and decide to meditate or pray that their clients will pay them. Or they’ll spend hours feng shui-ing up their office, hoping that will do the trick.

People will generally do everything they possibly can to avoid asking for the money, for having a sales conversation or making a proper verbal offer.

But learning to ask for money is crucial. It’s how you’ll get paid. It’s what will bring the money in the door. And being able to ask for money confidently is such an important step when it comes to building your business.


So remember, having a strong mindset, being relentless and persistent in the pursuit of what you want and asking for money for your products or services is critical. It will have you feeling more in control of your money, feeling more abundant and feeling more confident in being able to build your business and build your wealth.




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