Have you heard people say that money is energy and wondered what on earth they’re talking about?

It didn’t make sense to me for a long time. Coming from a very black and white financial background, the concept wasn’t clear to me until I started really looking into money on a deeper level. More than just notes and coins.

Just like every single thing that exists in the universe, money carries a certain energy to it and operates within the universal laws we all do.

It’s not enough to understand money as a simple practical mathematical equation where in order to spend money you need to make money.

To be a money magnet, you need to understand the energy of money beyond the legal tender, and how it works within the universal laws.

I like to think of money like it’s a person, with feelings, desires, and a purpose.

Today I’m going to take off the practical money hat for a minute, and discuss 3 things you absolutely need to know about money as an energetic concept that we interact with daily.

​1. Money likes movement.

It’s called cash flow for a reason. It doesn’t want to be stuffed under the mattress, or hidden in the walls of Pablo Escobar’s warehouses (did you know rats ate about $1 billion each year of the infamous drug lords money?!).

Money needs to circulate. It needs to flow out of your life so that it can flow back in. If you start to hoard money, it will stop flowing.

The best part? You get to control how the money flows in and out, which means if there’s more cash flowing out right now, you can change that.

We want to avoid tsunami like tidal waves of money flowing in and out and opt for nice and calm flow with purpose.

2. Money likes attention.

In her bestselling book E-Squared, Pam Grout talks about an experiment she calls the Volkswagen Jetta Principle. She asks the reader for the next 24 hours to look out for green cars, yellow butterflies & purple feathers.

The premise is that if you look out for something, you will start to notice it. Think of how common green cars are. You probably can’t think of the last time you saw one, but hold that thought in your head throughout the day and I promise you’ll see green cars everywhere.

When you start to pay attention to a certain thing, like green cars, you’ll start seeing more and more of them in reality.

This reiterates how we really do see what we expect to see and what we focus on.

It’s the same with money. Too often, we are not giving our money the attention it needs and we aren’t focussing on activities that will add to our net worth. When you begin to pay attention to money, when you begin to really focus on it with proper intention and proper systems, you will see more money, have more money, and have more opportunities to make more money.

Ignore it and you’ll stop seeing money in your bank account and in your life. You’ll miss out on seeing the potential on how you can create more money and have more money.

3. Money likes a good home.

Money is a homebody. Money needs to know it has somewhere to go after a long day at work. It needs to be welcomed home with open arms into a clean, calm inviting space. It needs to know exactly what it’s needed for. It needs to have a purpose to why it’s hanging around you, and it needs to get excited about what it’s next mission is.

You can make a beautiful home for money by creating containers in your accounts and by clearing out the clutter in your wallet.

So what about you? Are you paying attention? Are you circulating your cash or hoarding it under the mattress? And do you have your bank accounts set up, ready to receive the money and abundance you deserve? ​

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