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You’ve got a business you love. It’s everything you’ve dreamed of. And not just because you’re working with people you absolutely adore.

There’s freedom in being your own boss.

Working from your laptop in cafes, sleeping in on Monday mornings, no more hour long commutes to work. You’re there, at your kids every participation award. Looks and feels like total freedom, doesn’t it?

Except Somehow You’re Working Way More Hours and for Way Less Money.

The truth?

You’ve got money management problems.

No matter how alluring the $30k in 30 days marketing tool is, no amount of business coaching will teach you how to outgrow your money problems. Because you can’t. It’s time to get your money sorted!

Because your business deserves to be a success

My Method?

50% Mindset. 50% Strategy. 100% Money Boss!

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What if you could easily take charge of your finances, change your money mindset and feel excited about money? A Financial Coaching Starter Package might just be the answer!  Click HERE to find out more…

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A completely comprehensive online money program for women in business. Come and join the women who are raving about this program and create real money transformation in your business. Click HERE to find out more…

Xero Training >>

Xero is an amazing business tool when you know what you’re doing. The good news? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Whether it’s DIY or 1:1 training, we’ve got you covered. Click HERE to find out more…

Speaking >>

Empowering women in business to gain financial knowledge, to increase their profitability and sort through their money mindset is my passion. And I adore spreading the money message through my keynotes. Click HERE to find out more….

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What People Are Saying:

I have been following along with Sylvia’s Beautiful Money newsletter for ages now.  When I saw that she was offering Xero training I jumped at the chance to sign up.  I found Sylvia’s training to be very thorough and I thought it was wonderful that she pretty much had it all set up by the time of the first training.  Learning with Sylvia has given me the confidence to be more professional in how I look after my accounts (no more dodgy excel spreadsheets). It’s wonderful to finally have a handle on my finances.

Jen Kennedy

Ainslee Fox

Sylvia is a money mindset extraordinaire. She has a unique gift for cutting through unhealthy beliefs and guiding you to replace them with more sustainable and empowering beliefs. Sylvia took me from a place of stress and struggle to an empowered, confident and excited state where my business is thriving. My business revenue has grown substantially since working with Sylvia, without having to burn myself out or sacrifice my personal time.” Dr Kristy Goodwin

Every Chance to Learn

Sylvia has a very practical approach to help you create an abundance mindset, helping you implement simple gradual upgrades in your life without feeling overwhelmed. She is caring, and she will hold your hand all the way so you will feel supported during the process of changing your mindset and implement new systems, like Profit First. She will make sure you overcome any limiting beliefs you may have, so that what you learn with her will stick with you after you finish the coaching.” Denise Da Costa

Denise Da Costa Coaching